What does your mowing include? And do you mow all lawns?

Lawn Mowing

Our Lawn Mowing Includes:

 - Line Trim the perimeter of the lawn

 - Trim around trees and other obstacles

 - Remove grass clippings from all walkways & driveway


Lawns we don't mow: 

We reserve the right to refuse mowing of a lawn that has been unmaintained to the extent it has grown out of control and no longer able to be mowed with standard residential equipment. 

Since poorly maintained or overgrown lawns require heavy equipment we are unable to mow these lawns. Furthermore, any overgrown lawns generally hide rocks, pavers, toys, obstacles or other items that can cause extensive damage to our equipment. The cost of repair equipment is far too expensive to justify this kind of mowing.

Lastly, if the lawn has been left in disrepair for an extended period of time, the mowing will cause a shock to the lawn and leave large amounts of grass clippings which will then require a “clean up” which is a service that we do not provide.