Why is Fertilizer important for my lawn?

Just as you need the proper nutrition to grow healthy, look your best, and resist diseases, so does your lawn. Hence, the importance of quality fertilizing lawn care should not be overlooked.

Below are the benefits of fertilizing your lawn:

1. Enhanced Growth

Fertilizer gives the lawn the nutrients it needs for growth and promotes proper root development. Your lawn grows faster and thicker.

2. Gives Your Lawn a Vibrant Green Color

Everyone admires a luscious green lawn. Fertilizing provides nitrogen for good coloring to exhibit a more vibrant green color.

3. Fertilizers Reduce the Chances of Weed Growth

Not only does a beautiful lawn improve your curb appeal, but it also reduces the growth of weeds. A thick, healthy lawn is naturally resistant to weed growth. Using fertilizers to make your grass as healthy and thick as possible will go a long way in reducing weed activity without using herbicides or taking extra measures.

4. Fertilization Protects your New Turf Investment

New turf is not cheap. A newly installed turf will lose its luster very fast if it's not installed and cared for properly.  A large part of proper maintenance consists of using fertilizer.  Doing this will help to ensure your new turf is protected and continues to look great after its installation.

5. Fertilization Gives Less Mess

 Fertilizer strengthens the roots of your grass, and one of the advantages of strong grass roots is their ability to absorb water faster; this, in turn, reduces the chances of muddy spots or soggy puddles forming (and can even eliminate muddy patches that have already formed).

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